One of the most significant decisions you will be faced with when buying engineered wooden flooring is the type of finish to be used. The level of maintenance and care depends on the type of finish used on your flooring so pay careful consideration to this.

Unfinished flooring
This is the raw state of wooden flooring before any coating has been applied. Flooring cannot be used in this state, and a finish needs to be applied before use and ideally before installation.

Prefinished flooring
Oil is the oldest protection used on Timber flooring, going back hundreds of years. With technology, oils became a popular choice again due to its natural appearance. Oils penetrate the surface of the timber, nourishing and protecting it at the same time. The only downside to oil is that regular maintenance is required to keep your floors looking new, but the efforts are well worth the reward.

Pre-oiled flooring/decking
It is possible to purchase unfinished engineered wood with the option of having it finished after installation, and while this is an option, we recommend avoiding this route in most cases. Flooring that is prefinished at the factory, with a specialised machine, according to precise specifications in a controlled environment is a much safer bet than having the floor coated on-site where many variables could cause uneven colour distribution in the final finish.

At Jax Oleum, we give you the option to have your unfinished engineered wooden flooring pre-oiled in our workshop prior to the installation, giving the timber a more even colour spread. This is done with our state-of-the-art oiling machine and team of technical experts.  Pricing is quoted per order based on quantity, colour, and finish.  Get in touch with us, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and send you a quote.