Just a few of the Industry Professionals that use our great products

Our products, our Jax Oleum, our Maintenance Oils, our 2K Varnishes, and even our cleaners can be used across a broad range of industries and environments.

Architects – since our products have low VOC’s they are often spec’ed in the original plans of new builds to meet the ever-growing demand for environmentally friendly buildings.

Interior Designers – We provide great tools that assist this industry in putting together perfect mood boards to present to their clients.  Our square samples and colour charts offer a true reflection of our extensive colour range.

Landscapers – not only our decking range can be used outside but our Jax Oleum can too!

Shopfitters – use our product to create that picture-perfect setting in and our extensive range of colours gives them endless options.

Flooring Companies – we have our state-of-the-art oiling machine and a team of technical experts to give you advice on how to best oil your unfinished engineered floors and which varnish is best for your application.

Furniture Manufacturers – just love how quickly and easily they can apply our wood stain to any project.  The quicker drying times allow for them to work more easily with our products.

Hardware & Paint Shops – sell our great products ensuring we reach all corners of RSA and neighboring African countries.   They offer great advice on which product is best suited for your application.

DIY Enthusiasts – they just love how easy and simple our range of products are to use and how easy it is to renovate and transfer the look of any old and tied piece of timber.

Be sure to click on our gallery which is full of incredible work from our team and those that are proud of their work.