Jax Oleum Application Instructions

1.  Jax Oleum can only protect, colour and nourish natural untreated wood.

2.   If the wood has been previously treated, remove all varnish, paint etc . and return wood to its’ natural state or as close as possible to its’ natural state.

3.   Sand the wood down to a final finish, a rule of thumb is the softer the wood the higher the sandpaper grit rating, i.e. pine 120-150 grit finish, oak 100 -120 grit etc.

4.   Clean the surface with a damp cloth & allow to dry completely.

5.   Shake the Jax Oleum tin VERY well to ensure the colour is evenly mixed.

6.   With a clean cloth, apply a thin layer of the Jax Oleum over the entire surface, allow the Oleum to penetrate for a few minutes and then gently wipe away the excess.

7.   Depending on weather conditions & temperature, you will have at least two hours to blend and overlap areas without there been a noticeable difference on the wood.

8.   The Oleum will be dry to the touch after approximately three hours with full cure after 7 to 10 days.

Important Note: Any further application of the Oleum will merely be a waste of product, as no further absorption will take place. If a 2nd coat is applied after the 1st coat is dry it will sit on top of the 1st coat causing a shiny, tacky finish