Jax Oleum Outdoor Application & Maintenance Instructions

  1.   Jax Oleum can only protect, colour and nourish natural untreated wood.2.   If the wood has been previously treated, remove all varnish, paint etc . and return wood to its’ natural state or as close as possible to its’ natural state.

    3.   Sand the wood down to a final finish, a rule of thumb is the softer the wood the higher the sandpaper grit rating, i.e. pine 120-150 grit finish, oak 100 -120 grit etc.

    4.   Clean the surface with a damp cloth & allow to dry completely.

    5.   Shake the Jax Oleum tin VERY well to ensure the colour is evenly mixed.

    6.   With a clean cloth, apply Jax Oleum liberally over the entire surface.

    7.   Allow the Oleum to penetrate and dry for about 20 minutes before wimping away any excess Oleum.

    8.   Before use allow to dry for 24 hours.

    9.   Allow 7 days curing before using water or washing with a cleaner.

    10.   After 3 months you should apply a coat of Jax Oleum Maintenance Oil. Re-apply annually, or as and when needed, depending on exposure & conditions.

    11.   We currently recommend the Loba floor wax cleaner for weekly cleaning. Their Aqua WaxCare is also a very good product for a monthly maintenance application