Our Expert Maintenance Team for Timber Restoration

All timber needs to be treated and cared for on a regular basis.  The frequency of the timbers’ maintenance depends on the type of wood, the type of application it is used in, the climate in which it is used, the amount of traffic the timber has to endure, etc.

Our Jax Oleum, single coat oil-based wood stain, not only enhances the gain & look of the wood but also provides nutrients to the wood.  When Jax Oleum is applied to a newly prepared surface, one that has been sanded to remove old treatments and expose the raw wood, and then well cleaned, the oil penetrates the upper layers of the wood, restoring its look and beauty.

Is the timber in your home/office in need of a little TLC?  How would you know this?  Do your wooden pieces look a little dull, is the wood starting to crack?  Have a look at your wooden garage doors, window frames, outdoor decking, parc flooring, etc.

We have a team of experts that can help restore its beauty.  We have partnered with a company JR Construction, which is headed up by Jordan Reyneke.  Jordan and his team will come out with all the necessary equipment to sand, fill, repair, etc, and apply a coat of our Jax Oleum to the timber in question and have it looking in showroom condition again.

Complete this form and Jordan, from our expert maintenance team, will be in touch to confirm a site visit so the job can be quoted accurately.  Or alternatively, you can send us an email at service@jaxoleum.co.za with the pictures of the job and we will quote based on them.