Our Range

An overview of our Oleum range

  • Jax Oleum – change the colour of any absorbent natural wood product to a colour that will enhance the grain and transform the look – in one single application.
  • Jax Oleum Maintenance Oil – treat your wood and increase its’ lifespan by applying the maintenance oil when needed.
  • Jax Oleum Deck Oil – it is the latest Urethane modified oil technology providing optimum protection on hard and soft wood
  • Jax Varnish – add durability and increase the water resistance of a surface that Jax Oleum has been applied to.
  • Jax Cleaners – they will clean away any dirt and help protect the timber at the same time
  • Soft Wax Polish – adds protection and gives it a slight shine
  • Touch Up Paint Markers – ideal for permanently touching up little nix or marks left on furniture, flooring, door frames, etc.
  • Gilders Paste –  for permanent paint technique effect on art frames, furniture, steel and all other home decor and craft projects.