Jax Cleaner

The cleaner has been formulated as a general purpose cleaner for any oiled wooden surface, the wax cleaner is more specific for wooden flooring, it will clean away any dirt and help protect the wood at the same time.

The Wax cleaner is to be used on solid wooden flooring , engineered wood, parquet flooring, etc.

First vacuum the floor to remove excess dirt and then with a damp mop of the solution clean the floor.  Do not leave excessive amounts of water on the wooden flooring.

Dilute 100 ml to 5 Litres of water.

The General cleaner can be used on wooden table, wooden chairs, wooden doors and frames, etc.

Spray an appropriate amount of the cleaner on the surface or item you wish to clean and gently wipe the surface to clean it.  For tough, dirty marks use the cleaning solution in it’s concentrated form and not diluted.

The general cleaner is available in a 1l bottle of concentrated cleaner or in a 750ml spray bottle of the diluted solution.

Dilute 100 ml to 5 Litres of water of the concentrated solution.