Jax Touch Up Paint Markers for Timber

Touch Up paint markers are ideal for permanently touching up little nix or marks left on wooden furniture, flooring, door frames, etc. as well as used for filling gaps, holes, and imperfections in wood.

  • Available in these colours:  White, Silk Ivory, Washed Oak, Maple, Light Cherry, Dark Cherry, Old Teak, Mahogany, Dark Mahogany, Java, Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Oak, Walnut, Gun Metal or Champagne.
  • Size per marker:  120 X 14mm round
  • Dimensions of box:  125 X 70 X 30mm
  • Packed:  10 per box of the same colour or a mixed box with 1 of each color
  • Weight: 300g/box

Instead of concealing dings, scratches, signs of wear, and flaws in your cherished wooden furniture, you can effortlessly and promptly restore them using our Touch Up Paint Marker. This marker effectively masks nicks and scratches on furniture, cabinets, floors, woodwork, paneling, molding, and beyond. The unique formula goes beyond mere concealment, as it effectively fills cracks too.

With our extensive selection of colors, they can be seamlessly blended to achieve an impeccable match on every occasion.

Easily cover imperfections in hardwood, nails, holes, and scuffed furniture. These markers also serve as an ideal tools for repairing vintage furniture such as beds and tables.