Jax Varnish

The 2K matt water based varnish is good for protecting an already oiled surface, it will add durability and increase the water resistance of the surface it is applied to.  It is especially good for bar counters, restaurant table tops, engineered flooring exposed to large volumes of traffic, etc.

It is a 2 part varnish – 900ml of base and 100ml harder – that must only be mix together when your surface is fully prepared and ready to be sealed as it does start to harden once mixed.

An oiled surface should be left to dry for at least 24 hours before the varnish is applied.

Once mixed apply onto a dry, dust free surface using a short mohair roller or cloth.  Leave to dry for a few hours  & lightly sand and clean the surface before the 2nd coat. A 3rd coat can be applied for heavy wear areas.

Allow to dry for 48 hours before using the item/walking on the surface that have been varnished.

Covers about 10 square meters.