Jax Oleum

Whether it’s kept in its natural state or treated with colour, all wood needs to be nourished and protected.

Jax Oleum is incredibly effective and highly durable.  Just 1 litre covers about 50m², and takes only one coat to colour and protect your wood against water, heat and sunlight.  It is simple to apply – You just need to sand down and clean your natural wood and then apply the Oleum using a cloth.  After a few minutes, the Oleum will have penetrated into the upper layers of the wood and then you simply wipe away the excess. It can be used inside & outside for gum poles, window frames, flooring, doors and furniture etc.  You can also use it on all veneers.

In one application you can change the colour of any absorbent natural wood product to a colour that will enhance the grain and transform the look.  If you are applying the Oleum to wood that is permanently left outside, like wooden decking, follow these steps.

We have over 70 colours to choose from or you can mix existing colours to create your own.  We can also match and make up other colours on request, with a minimum order quantity.  The list of colours can be downloaded from this link or if you would like a colour chart, feel free to pick one up from the showroom.

Treat your wood and increase its lifespan by applying our maintenance oil when needed.

Jax Oleum is proudly manufactured in South Africa using natural, eco-friendly material. View the material safety data sheet here.