Q & A

We get calls on a daily basis from clients, both from the manufacturing and end-user side, with questions on our Oleum.  Some of our clients have taught us a thing or two, we have learnt some lessons from trial and error and some lessons we have learnt the hard way!

Here is some of the most common questions and answers we would like to share with you.  If you still have a question or something is not clear, please get in touch with us – we would love to chat.

  • Can Oleum be used on interior and exterior wood pieces?
  • I know it is a single coat wood stain but can I add another coat for better and longer lasting protection?
    • No.  Any further application of the Oleum will merely be a waste of product, as no further absorption will take place. If a 2nd second coat is applied after the 1st coat is dry it will sit on top of the 1st coat causing a shiny, tacky finish.
  • What can we put over the Oleum to make it waterproof (in this case it was a wooden deck)?
    • We recommend the Evolac Turbobright Top Coat range with a gloss finish of your choice.
  • Can 2 different colours of Oleum be mixed to create a new colour?
    • Yes they can.  Remember to always shake the different colour tins VERY well to ensure you have a even colour distribution per tin.  Once you have mixed the different colour ensure you shake the new colour VERY well again.
  • Can it be used on veneer wood or only solid wood?
    • Yes it can but be careful not to sand away too much of the veneer wood.


TIP:  A rule of thumb is the softer the wood the higher the sandpaper grit rating. i.e. pine 120-150 grit finish, oak 100 -120 grit etc.