Sanding preparation of wooden surfaces

For optimum absorption and even colour spread of Jax Oleum, the surface preparation is extremely important.   Here are a few tips…

  • Sand with the direction of the grain NOT across the grain
  • An orbital sander works best
  • Use 120 grit for general sanding, you can go up to 180 grit on soft timber, over 180 grit the surface becomes too smooth and does not allow proper absorption
  • After sanding wipe or preferably blow all the dust off
  • On a large surface, make sure the sandpaper hasn’t worn down too much halfway through the job, otherwise you will get different intensity in colour over the same surface
  • Sand the whole surface area evenly.  DON’T over sand in one area
  • Avoid handling the surface after sanding is complete
  • Make sure there is no glue on the surface to be oiled
  • No liquid must be spilt, especially water after sanding is complete

We stock the necessary sanding accessories and handles to make your sanding job easier, resulting in a perfect end product.  These can be bought in our online shop.