Jax Oleum Furniture Care – 250ml Spray Bottle

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Give your wooden furniture the care it deserves with Jax Oleum Furniture Care. This 250ml spray bottle is packed with powerful silicone oil, ensuring your furniture remains shiny, protected, and looking as good as new. Jax Oleum is not just effective; it’s also environmentally conscious. Our formula is biodegradable and eco-friendly, making it safe for both your home and the planet.

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Jax Oleum Furniture Care – 250ml Spray Bottle

Key Features:

– Silicone Oil Enriched: Provides a brilliant shine and long-lasting protection for your wooden surfaces.
– Eco-Friendly: Our formula is biodegradable, ensuring it’s gentle on the environment.
– Easy to Use: Simply spray directly onto the wooden surface and wipe it in until dry.
– Convenient 250ml Bottle: The misting bottle ensures even application and ease of use.

Why Choose Jax Oleum Furniture Care?

Using Jax Oleum Furniture Care is straightforward and effective. Just spray directly onto your wooden furniture and wipe until dry to reveal a gorgeous, polished finish. The silicone oil creates a protective layer that guards against moisture and wear, while the eco-friendly formula ensures you’re making a responsible choice for your home and the environment.

Transform your wood furniture care routine with Jax Oleum Furniture Care – the perfect blend of effectiveness and sustainability in a convenient 250ml spray bottle.

Order yours today and give your furniture the premium care it deserves!