Jax Oleum Wipes: The Perfect Wood Staining Cloth

R71.99 ex. vat

Transform your untreated timber with ease using Jax Oleum Single-Coat Wood Stain & apply with our wipes. Designed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, these innovative wipes allow you to apply a single coat of Jax Oleum wood stain seamlessly. These wipes ensure an even, rich finish every time.



Jax Oleum Wipes: The Perfect Wood Staining Cloth

Why Choose Jax Oleum Wipes?
1. Effortless Application: Simply use circular motions to work the single-coat wood stain into the top layers of the timber, achieving a flawless finish with minimal effort.
2. Consistent Coverage: The single-coat application guarantees consistent and even staining, enhancing the natural beauty of your wood.
3. Safety First: After use, they must be soaked in water before disposal to prevent spontaneous combustion.

Perfect for All Your Wood Projects
Whether you’re staining furniture, decking, or any untreated timber, Jax Oleum Wipes are the perfect application choice when using our Jax Oleum wood stain. Enjoy a professional-grade finish without the mess and hassle of traditional staining methods.

Upgrade Your Wood Staining Experience
Discover the simplicity and efficiency of Jax Oleum Single-Coat Wood Stain for all your wood staining needs. Say goodbye to streaks, drips, and uneven coverage. Order your Jax Oleum Wood Stain and Wipes today and give your timber the perfect finish it deserves!

100 sheets per roll