Service Agreement


    1. The Client hereby acknowledges that timber is a natural product and as a result its absorption qualities vary.
    2. The service provided by Jax Wax ensures that the maximum amount of oil is applied to the surface that can be absorbed.
    3. The timber is buffed and brushed. Each plank of timber is inspected by our trained operators once it has come off the production line. The timber plank is then checked again by a trained operator once the oil applied to the timber plank has dried.
    4. We hereby exclude any warranty as to the quality of the service provided or the freedom from any latent defects of the timber plank once the oil has been applied.
    5. Fitness for any particular purpose or otherwise is hereby excluded.
    6. We shall not be under any liability whether in contract, delict or otherwise, in respect of defects in timber once inspected and signed off by the Client.
    7. We cannot be held liable for any injury, damage or loss resulting from any defects in the timber or from any misuse or abuse of the timber once the oil has been applied.
    8. We shall not be liable to the Client or any third party for any consequential losses, however arising.
    9. The services provided by Jax Wax shall provide a reasonable amount of protection to the timber, however the client is responsible for ensuring that the timber planks are carefully looked after and maintained, using the correct cleaning material.
    10. We further recommend that once oiled and collected from Jax Wax, the Client applies at least two coats of Jax 2k Matt varnish. The application of the Jax 2k Matt varnish must be done by a competent installer or at our facility.
    11. The client hereby acknowledges that they have inspected the timber planks and accepts the service provided by Jax Wax to be acceptable.
    12. Except for the representations and warranties expressly provided, we disclaim all warranties, express, implied, statutory or otherwise, with respect to the services provided by Jax Wax, including, but not limited to any implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose.
    13. Jax Wax does not warrant that the service provided is error free or that the timber planks will be fit for purpose.